About Us

Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI), a nonprofit organization established in 1997, creates green communities by designing sustainability programs around the four key sectors that make up the foundation of all communities: education, housing, government, and the workforce. And because we understand the many facets of sustainability, we’re able to see the big picture and pinpoint opportunities to help these communities reach their goals. Under the leadership of our creative and resourceful team, our clients reduce their consumption of natural resources and enjoy quantifiable savings.

SEI Staff

15Creative, driven, and energetic, SEI is a resourceful group of problem solvers who understand the many facets of sustainability. 



Board Members

16Our board brings together individuals from a variety of backgrounds that are committed to making our vision of sustainability a reality. 


17SEI is at the forefront of sustainability-related issues, and we are looking for creative, insightful and driven individuals who are committed to contributing to better environmental quality and quality of life to join our team as volunteers, interns and staff.