Energy & Solar Monitoring Guide

Energy & Solar Monitoring Guide

The Energy and Solar Monitoring Tool helps students to track your school’s electricity use over time and measure the success of energy conservation campaigns. This user-friendly spreadsheet helps students to learn Excel and automatically calculates outcomes and creates graphs to help students to educate their school community on energy use patterns. 

The Energy and Solar Monitoring Tool uses a monthly baseline generated from 3 year’s worth of energy use at your school. After students enter current energy usage, the tool compares it to the baseline and displays how energy usage has changed over time. 

After implementing energy efficiency and conservation efforts, students can easily see the impact they’ve had on your school’s utility bills and the environment. 

If your school has solar electric systems, you can enter this data in as well and display savings data graphically relative to utility-purchased electricity data. 

You can enter the emissions factor in pounds of carbon dioxide per kWh and the cost per kWh, and the Tool will calculate your dollar savings amount and the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) you prevented from reaching the atmosphere.

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