Green Transportation Toolkit

Green Transportation Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to make it easy to teach the hands-on lessons in the Green Transportation Certificate, including making a rocket stove, solar cars, and a battery out of a lemon. The toolkit includes metal cutters, six solar car kits, two sets of jumper wires with alligator clips, and two voltmeters.



Metal Cutters

For rocket stove activity

6 Solar Car Kits

Students assemble a electrical circuit using solar energy to power a model car.

2 sets of Jumper Wires with Alligator Clips

Establish an electrical connection between two points

2 Voltmeters

Measure voltage.


Total Cost

(Includes tax and shipping and handling)




SEI has made every effort to keep costs and material requirements to a minimum.  The few materials that you will need can be purchased from us in this pre-packaged toolkit to make implementing the Green Transportation Certificate curriculum in your classroom as easy as possible, or these tools can be purchased directly from the manufacturers. 

Click here to download the detailed contents and description.

* SEI will not accept returns on the toolkit. For all warranty concerns please contact the product manufacturer