School Energy Audit - Grades 4-8

School Energy Audit - Grades 4-8

School Energy Audit - Grades 4-8 provides hands-on training in the fundamentals of energy, climate change, energy auditing concepts, and techniques. Students learn how to conduct an energy audit, using tools such as light and watt-meters to measure how much energy is being used within a room (draft, temperature, lighting efficiency and levels and phantom loads).  Next, they enter their data into a spreadsheet. Based on the data students collect, a report is generated that provides recommendations specific to the school site. Students are encouraged to identify low or no cost energy saving behaviors that can take place at the school. Through this activity, students appreciate the benefits of energy audits in terms of helping to save energy, reduce cost, and protect the environment. 

Students at the New Energy Academy in Stockton test the light levels of the computer lab with a foot-candle meter during an Energy Audit Training lead by SEI

The curriculum provides step-by-step planning and teaching instruction for the educator, and would be ideal for upper elementary and middle school science classes or Green Teams. 

The package also includes handouts and an energy audit excel sheet that will generate a report of recommendations specific to your school site, based on the audit data your students collect!

"I found the energy audit to be very valuable both for the students and the staff at my school as well as the parent community.  The children shared the information learned and offered suggestions for becoming more energy efficient at a school board meeting and in their Green Newsletter.  I appreciate SEI for training my students and I to conduct the audit and for helping with the data entry and conclusions.  The entire process was well worthwhile."

- Laura Honda, Green Team Leader and Teacher at Manor Elementary School, Fairfax