Sustainability Certificate in School Energy Auditing

Sustainability Certificate in School Energy Auditing

The School Energy Auditing Certificate provides instruction and hands-on experience that prepares students to perform a comprehensive energy audit of their school. By coupling relevant background material on sustainability, climate change, energy and green careers with specific auditing skills, this course gives students the knowledge they need to understand the energy auditing profession.

Auditing skills taught by this course include:

  • Appliance and computer auditing using watt meters
  • Lighting auditing: identify lamp types and lighting levels using flicker checker and light meter
  • HVAC & mechanical systems auditing: identify HVAC systems, water heaters, and motors 
  • Building envelope survey including draft detection and weatherization recommendations
  • Utility bill analysis requiring students to analyze and develop ideas for savings based on monthly and annual data
  • Audit report writing
  • Professional presentation design and delivery


The certificate includes performing an energy audit of the entire school. The curriculum also prepares students to deliver an informative and accurate report and presentation to the School Board with recommendations on how to save energy and money at their school.  Not only will students learn crucial information about energy and the environment, they will come out of this course with tangible skills that can be applied in a wide range of careers. 

“I learned a lot during the course of the Energy Auditing training and I believe that more people should learn what I did. It opened my eyes to how much energy I use that is unnecessary. This program taught me valuable information and provided tools for me to help save the environment and the planet for generations to come. It influenced the way I use energy and the way my family does as well. After everything I learned I applied it to my home.  I also informed people about how much they could save not only in cost but in carbon emissions that are put into our environment. I would recommend this program to inform more people about things they could do to make their homes and buildings more energy efficient. I hope to continue helping and informing people about their energy uses and spreading the word about it.” 

-Terisa Taylor

NUSD – Natomas Charter VLA

“I found the Energy Auditing program to be an amazing experience in which I could learn ways to help my family save money through energy conservation. I did not think that I would learn so much, but I feel very confident in my ability to identify ways of saving electricity. It was very enlightening and it was a lot of fun with the hands on experience. It has opened my eyes to the world around me and I better understand how electricity works and how much is needed to make our lives so comfortable. What I have learned from this program will not only help me make smart decisions on what products to buy and which to avoid, it has shown me that a single person can use so much electricity without even realizing it. Even if I don't choose a career path regarding the information I learned, it will still be an important part of my life.” 


Malachi Alexander


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