Sustainability Fair Guide

Sustainability Fair Guide

Looking for a great high school and community event to promote sustainability and provide hands-on environmental education activities? The Sustainability Fair Guide offers tools for planning, project management, fundraising, outreach, and fair activities to help plan your event. 

Sustainability Fairs are most often organized by Green School Leadership Teams, ideally a multi-stakeholder group including students, parents, teachers, and staff from your school community who are interested in decreasing the environmental footprint of your school while developing green career skills. In this Guide, we’ve included instruction and resources for building and organizing a successful team, hosting the first strategic planning meeting, fundraising, and marketing. 

A significant part of the Fair are the tables that get people involved! Tables often promote a specific theme, with factual information and literature, a game or activity to engage your audience, giveaways, and pledges. Included in this Guide are example tables that have been successful for SEI in the past including Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Reducing Waste, Reuse, and Solar Energy themes.

Finally, it is important to see what type of impact your Fair had on the environmental performance of the school. Two ways to measure your impact are to track the number of people who attend and to collect pledges for actions that participants pledge to make to reduce their environmental impact. The Guide describes the best ways to track your success.

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