Eco Smart Education

iconecosmarteducationSchools spend more than $8 billion per year on energy nationwide, second only to spending on books and computers. Our team partners with schools and universities on a variety of greening approaches to help them save money by making campus buildings more energy efficient while fostering a culture of conservation and resource efficiency. By developing curriculum, empowering students and staff to make sustainable changes and implementing innovative and measurable initiatives, SEI creates environmental stewards and community leaders of tomorrow.

iconecosmarteducationThe goal of the SEI K-12 schools division is to empower students, teachers, and administrators to become sustainability leaders who will transform their school communities. We strive to make it easy and affordable for schools to conserve resources, invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy, and engage students in project-based service-learning and leadership. Not only do we partner with districts to green buildings and facilities – we recognize and utilize these valuable opportunities to engage students in real-world learning, using their schools as learning laboratories. With an emphasis on fostering student leadership, our programs equip students with the knowledge and skills to become environmental leaders in their schools, homes, and communities. Our key services include education, conservation, and school facility support.

iconhighereducationColleges and universities are living laboratories for our sustainable future and students posses the creativity and zeal to realize the unimaginable. SEI provides cutting-edge models and support services that enable campuses to be sustainability leaders, effectively engaging with nearby communities and empowering students to contribute to systemic change.