Michael Bloom, Advisory Board Member

Michael Bloom is a Sustainability and Green Program Advisor with the GSA Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings.

He drives sustainability goals by focusing on the practical implementation of great ideas. His integrated approach identifies, builds and delivers the organizational and physical infrastructure required to support high-performance by considering the role played by social networks, technology and communication on designing sustainable solutions that stick.


Michael has 15 years of operational and policy experience with GSA and is currently the lead project manager for the Sustainable Facilities Tool, (www.SFTool.gov), a tool that helps Federal agencies and the general public build, buy and operate green. He defines himself as an “interstitial guy” with a penchant for bridging the gaps that separate people, issues & ideas. Consequently, Michael regularly speaks to schools, universities. agencies and professional groups about sustainability and integrative design.

Education: MA from University of Chicago in Political Science (1995); BA from University of Colorado, summa cum laude in Communications and Political Science.