Energize Colleges

Energize Colleges supports a network of 12 California colleges and universities as they prepare students to be leaders in the new energy economy. The goal of this program is to develop students’ knowledge, skills, and experience to effectively evaluate energy career options and transition into the green workforce.

Core Elements:

Energy Education
-Support to develop dynamic, project-based courses, certificates, and degrees that infuse energy efficiency, distributed generation, and demand response through hands-on training
-Collaborate with faculty across the 12-campus network to address the following career pathways:

Energy Engineering: energy efficiency, energy storage, the smart grid, and the energy-water nexus
Environmental Controls Technology: HVAC, Building Commissioning, Operations, and Building Controls
Solar Design, Sales, and Estimation
Installation & Maintenance: EE retrofitting, HVAC, lighting, solar & retro-commissioning
Energy Auditing
Energy Storage
Energy & Environmental Management: utility bill analysis and monitoring, policy, utility program management, and government
Building Construction & Architecture

Energy Internships
-Support the design to launch paid student energy internships on campus and in the community that builds awareness and direct career experience for energy career pathways
-Enable students to make meaningful energy career connections with area high schools


-Students are empowered through paid internships that provide project-based learning and field experience that impacts their campus and community
-Faculty dive deeper on energy topics and expand curriculum to build the leading energy career education programs in the country
-Campuses receive the financial benefit of intern projects that reduce energy operational costs, through energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy initiatives



Visit the Energize Colleges website for more information. 

‚ÄčEnergize Colleges is funded by California utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.
Strategic Energy Innovations is the program implementer.