Climate change and rising energy costs have brought resource efficiency to the forefront of many communities' agendas. Our thoughtful and dedicated team works with municipalities to identify goals, design appropriate policies and pioneer successful programs designed to solve their unique challenges. By providing exceptional technical assistance, leveraging resources and building community engagement, SEI helps communities reach their climate and energy goals and achieve greater sustainability.

Solar in Your Community Challenge


Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative, the $5 million Solar in Your Community (SYC) Challenge aims to inspire the ingenuity of the American people to explore, pilot, and scale new business models, financial innovations and other creative market-based solutions to make solar accessible to low and moderate income (LMI) households, non-profits and governmental organizations.

The goal of this Challenge is to make solar significantly more accessible to low and moderate income (LMI) households, non-profits and governmental organizations, through replicable business and financial models. To overcome current market barriers that block access for these market segments, teams need to design, plan, and pilot new and scalable business and financial models through the demonstration of solar projects and programs in their communities.


Sustainable Energy Roadmap

Sustainable Energy Roadmap (SER) provides a critical pathway for San Joaquin Valley communities to become resilient. This effort is focused on supporting Valley communities to set and pursue goals related to smart growth, transportation, land use, climate and energy. The program is sponsored by California’s Strategic Growth Council through Proposition 84 funding.