iconsustainablehousingInability to pay utility bills is a leading cause of homelessness in the U.S. To help eradicate this problem, our practical and committed team introduces housing providers and tenants to actions that lower their utility consumption and resulting costs. SEI also offers assistance in identifying low-cost retrofit strategies to increase energy and water efficiency, enabling housing owners to optimize the operational efficiency of their buildings. By utilizing the right technologies, leveraging utility and government resources and encouraging residents to adopt behavior that lowers their utility consumption, we achieve quantifiable energy and cost savings as well as environmental benefits.

EAH Water Contest

EAH Housing is rolling out a property-wide water contest to engage, educate and empower residents to conserve our precious resource: WATER. This contest will span the next year and is a terrific way to create a culture and community of water conservation and savers at your property.


Multifamily Energy Partnership

SEI, in partnership with the Marin Community Foundation and EAH Housing, has launched the Multifamily Energy Partnership for Affordable Housing.

The program will include multiple projects, all dedicated towards (1) increasing energy and water efficiency and reducing long-term operating expenses for affordable housing; (2) increasing resident comfort and reducing residents' utility bills; (3) leveraging the collective resources of government and utility programs; and (4) reducing Marin’s carbon emissions and incorporating sustainability into affordable housing operations.


EAH Housing Benchmarking

SEI will continue to support EAH Housing benchmarking efforts by completing setup of all 104 EAH Housing properties throughout California and Hawaii in the EPA’s Portfolio Manager benchmarking tool to track energy and water consumption and cost.