EAH Housing Benchmarking

SEI supported EAH Housing benchmarking efforts by completing setup of all 104 EAH Housing properties throughout California and Hawaii in the EPA’s Portfolio Manager benchmarking tool to track energy and water consumption and cost.

Benchmarking is one of the first steps to ensure resource efficiency for these properties, which improves the quality of life and energy savings for affordable housing residents.

 Our team will address three objectives:

  1. Setup the remaining 14 properties in portfolio manager, collecting and importing data on energy performance, allowing for monitoring and analysis over time.
  2. Identify, document, and enter one year of data on water usage for all 104 properties.
  3. Collect and enter retrofit notes for 66 properties, examining the effectiveness on previously completed retrofits and suggesting further retrofit opportunities.

 This data collection and monitoring will allow EAH to identify and prioritize resource efficiency opportunities and verify energy and cost savings over time. It will also allow EAH to compare the resource usage on these properties to like properties in the EAH portfolio. This project expands on work completed by the Model Energy Efficiency Program for Affordable Housing Program as funded by the Marin Community Foundation (MCF).