EAH Water Contest

SEI and EAH Housing are rolling out a property-wide water contest to engage, educate and empower residents to conserve our precious resource: WATER. This contest will take place in 2017 and is a terrific way to create a culture and community of water conservation and savers at your property.



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Water Saving Tips Water Contest Resources
1. REPORT leaks to property managers as soon as they're discovered.  Find Your Water Agency
2. TURN OFF the faucet when washing hands, dishes or brushing teeth. Only turn it on when you need it!  Understand Your Bill
3. SHORTEN showers. Even turning off the water when washing your hair can save 150 gallons a month! Learn About California's Drought 
4. RUN only full loads in your dishwasher or washing machine. This saves energy AND water.  Explore Ways to Save



Other Helpful Links:

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